Fairbridge Festival

Fairbridge Festival is an annual Folk and World music festival hosted at Fairbridge Village, Pinjarra.

I have been involved with the festival in various volunteer, stage managing and committee roles since 2009. 

Since 2016, I have been working as a workshop facilitator for the Fairbridge Festival Quest to provide collaborative song-writing workshops for young West Australian songwriters of folk and world music. 

With the support of Act Belong Commit, this program has been able to reach and work with young songwriters in regional WA communities.


These workshops are typically hosted between the months of January and February, though there are current updates to the 2021 Quest season. Further information can be found on the Fairbridge festival website. 


Past Songwriting Workshops



Albany, Vancouver Arts Centre, 02/28

Broome, Goolarri Media, 02/13

Mandurah, Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, with Lucy Peach, 01/12

Geraldton, Geraldton SHS, with David Hyams, 12/09



Broome, Goolarri Media, 02/12, with David Hyams

Bunbury, Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre, 02/03, with       Roly Skender 

Geraldton, Geraldton SHS, with David Hyams, 12/09

Fremantle, Calvert Music Centre, 02/17, with Roly Skender 



Mandurah, Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, with Matt Gresham 

Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre, 02/11, with Roly           Skender


Zenith Music, 02/13, with Roly Skender 

Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, 01/23